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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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another storm and then import advisory will go into effect. plus, apparent suicide. one of bernie madoff's sons is found dead today. >> she was always a source of strength, wisdom, grace. should bring out the best in anyone. >> the final farewell today for elizabeth edwards. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute
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good evening, i'm pamela brown. we begin with the weather. there is another storm headed our way. steve rudin has the very latest. >> we have been watching the storm all day in the belfort furniture weather center. tomorrow will be much different and by monday it will be completely different. the current temperatures, 42 degrees at reagan national airport, martinsburg 35 degrees. the temperatures continue to fall the next several hours. the intense cold front out to the west along with the low pressure across the delmarva peninsula, these systems combined. then we could be looking at the potential for some winter weather to the west. lots of watches and warnings, even an advisory going into effect at 7:00 this evening until 7:00 tomorrow morning for the western parts of the viewing area, including the panhandle of west virginia and washington
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county, md., where they could get freezing rain. what can we expect? a complete look at the forecast coming out. for the forecast any time of day, go to sons,e of bernie madoff's mark madoff, was found dead of an apparent suicide. today marks the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest in one of the largest ponzi schemes in u.s. history. julie parker has the latest. >> bernie madoff's eldest son has become the latest victim of that ponzi scheme. mark madoff's lawyer said his client a van to the unrelenting pressure caused by his father's fraud. two years to the day after his father's death, mark madoff was found hanging from a pipe in his manhattan apartment. his two year-old son was sleeping nearby.
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>> he left an e-mail note. there was no note at the scene. i'm a source close to the family told abc news -- >> a source close to the family told abc news that this was unexpected. he and his brother were facing multiple civil suits. his father in law found him at 7:30 this morning. his wife and 4-year-old child were out of town. >> his father in law was there. he was called by mr. madoff's wife to check on the 2-year-old. he was fine, in the back of the room. >> bernie madoff may ask prison officials for permission to attend his son's funeral, but there is no guarantee the request will be granted. it an autopsy will be performed tomorrow. it bernie madoff is serving a
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150-year prison term in north carolina. the prison chief said he has been made aware of his son's death. julie parker, abc 7 news. a memorial service was held this afternoon for elizabeth edwards. the author, attorney, and former wife of john edwards died tuesday after re courageous battle with breast cancer. cynne simpson has more. >> following elizabeth edwards's into the church, john edwards and her children said goodbye. >> all of the strength that she showed in her life will hold us up. >> kate edwards described her mother as a woman who lived fearlessly. >> she was witty and always had the ability to make fun of herself and laugh at herself. she was smart as a weapon, but tried to never told that over
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anyone. well, unless she was right and they were wrong. >> elizabeth edwards was a source of strength and comfort to her family as they suffered through the death of their eldest child. he died in a car crash 40 years ago. -- he died in a car crash 40 years ago. -- 14 years ago. >> she will be buried next to her son. she courageously fought breast cancer for six long years. and if she had to leave us, no better time than in the season of hope and promise overflowing. >> rescued now, our beloved friend, suite elizabeth. >> cynne simpson, abc 7 news. john edwards did not speak today. also attending, friends like senator john kennett -- john kerry.
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the police are searching for suspects after five people were shot near the anacostia freeway. one man is dead. an officer found the victim in the 1700 block of 14th street in southwest washington. it minutes later, the police were called to ridge place for report of four people wounded. the police are not sure if the incidents are connected. the police are trying to identify these men. they're trying to determine if they are linked to a series of assaults in wheaton and aspen hill. investigators say four women have been attacked since october 26, and all of them happened at night and the victims were walking alone. if you have any information, call the montgomery county police. a new appeal from president obama about the bush era tax cuts, putting pressure on lawmakers to get the deal past. >> if congress does not act, tax
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rates will go up for just about everybody in the country. a typical middle-class families will pay an extra $3,000. that is unacceptable to me. >> yesterday he got former president bill clinton's support for the current tax bill, hoping to persuade democrats. the senate is set to vote on monday. more metro track work. on the red line, expect 30 minutes delays between it sheedy growth and silver spring in wheaton. on the blue and orange line, expect 20-minute delays between eastern market and stadium armory. at the trains will single track over the weekend while the crews make repairs. joyce of the holiday season on display for hundreds of children in the district. about 800 children and their family gathered at the mission in northwest for a holiday
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party. volunteers handed out christmas gifts to the youngsters who would not be getting presence without the generous donations from others. coming up, richard holbrooke's condition from the hospital. plus, the death investigation of a virginia designer. her boyfriend says he is not responsible for the death. >> holiday shoppers are scrambling to find the right gift at the right price.
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an alert tonight after two explosions in stockholm. they went off in a crowded shopping district. at car filled with gas canisters
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exploded and a short distance away another explosion. one man died, two people were injured. investigators are trying to determine if the blasts are related and who may be responsible. longtime diplomat richard holbrooke is in critical condition after undergoing surgery. he became ill yesterday and doctors determined he had a tear in his eighth order. he is president obama special envoy for afghanistan and is best known for brokering the peace deal in bosnia. the onetime boyfriend of a murdered fashion designer says he is not responsible for her death. nicholas brooks says when he last saw sylvie cachay, she was fine. the police have charged him with strangulation and attempted murder. they say that he choked cachay.
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they're waiting the autopsy to determine if he killed her. wrote that detectives -- roanoke detectives are on their way to california to bring. the smith. she went missing a week ago. she was found with her mother's boyfriend who faces charges and her abduction and may face charges in the murder of her mother. up next, steve rudin has more on the winter weather advisory going into effect. plus -- >> thousands of shoppers went in search of the best holiday sales today. some say they are finding better bargain somewhere else.
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will come back. it is a reality check for
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holiday shopping, christmas is just two weeks away from today. can you believe it? at the local shopping malls, shoppers are searching for the best bargains. mike? >> the time is quickly running out for holiday shopping. some shoppers say going on line has its benefits, still thousands are showing up at the local mall, more so than last year. >> this is a lot more than last year. >> shoppers at tysons corner say the crowd is bigger this holiday season. and it is really hectic, crazy. >> consumer confidence has reached its highest level in six months. >> we are spending our share of money this year. >> after record cyber monday, online retailers are posting huge sales. consumers have spent more than $17.5 billion online, 12% more than last year. >> the mall is too confusing, too many choices.
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i would rather sit in front of the computer. >> many shoppers say they found better deals on line, and free shipping as an added incentive. >> free shipping, less the sales tax is enticing. >> some shoppers say they're sticking with a strict budget. >> we have spent our limit on her and are in a loss. -- and our in-laws. >> vendors say luxury items like jewelry are selling faster this year. >> there is a lot more optimism and positive thinking this year. >> according to the credit bureau, trans union, 8 million americans have stopped using their credit cards since last christmas and more americans are cutting back on the amount of debt they carry on their credit cards, dropping 11%, meaning more shoppers are carrying cash on hand at local malls. experts say could be a sign americans are being more
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responsible with their spending. live from tysons corner, mike kenean. big changes on the way? >> the temperatures slightly below average today, only in the 40's. it just wait until you feel the cold that is on the way monday and tuesday. pennsylvania avenue, it is dry right now. that will change over the next 12 hours as we are looking at a cold front of to the north and west. the weatherbug network, frostburg, winter weather advisory tonight and a winter storm watch tomorrow. 30 degrees. the wind not a problem. woodbridge, 38 degrees, high of 43. wtop radio, 40 degrees, high of 45 this afternoon. at the local airport, oregon national, 47. -- reagan national, 47 degrees.
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42 at this hour, 38 the wind chill factor. feeling cooler, but out to the west, these are the temperatures we need to focus on an overnight. the temperatures are expected to hover around freezing. the cold front pushing off to the east. at the low pressure hugging the delmarva coast, continuing to the north and east. they will combine forces over the next 24 hours and we are looking for the potential of freezing rain to the west of the d.c. metro overnight until about 7:00 tomorrow morning. the erie is in red, these are blizzard warnings. in purple, the winter storm watch. in blue, the winter weather advisory. in the metro area, nothing, but to the west, this is where the winter weather advisory remains from 7:00 tonight until 7:00 tomorrow morning.
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the winter storm watch goes into effect for the hours tomorrow night into monday. they could pick up 6-8 inches of snow. not expecting that across our area. on the map, nothing to worry about, mainly iranian event. we could see what snow -- mainly a rain event. showers remain monday. the wind and cold behind the system? this is a taste of the air that is on the way. the cold air will dip into the mid portion of the country, on the way monday and tuesday, the highest struggling to make it into the upper 20's. the wind chill factor will make it feel like the single digits, but cortines. rain overnight, winter mix to the west. the temperature around midnight, 30-40. the high-temperature tomorrow during the morning, 45-50. just-in-time for the football
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game. bundle up tomorrow night, it will be cold. the cold air sticks around monday through thursday. >> stay inside and subtle by the fire. let's talk about sports. most of big-time college football has taken a break. all eyes are focused on a yearly tradition, army-navy game. they just finished a little while ago in new york.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the 111th meeting between army and navy on the football field just finished. the midshipmen came out and surprised at the cadets with their game plan.
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77-yard touchdown. navy quickly on top. the second quarter, dobbs back to pass. a 32-yard strike. at 17-0 navy. just before the half, back breaker. the army runner fumbles at the goal line. navy recovers, scoops it up, 98 yards, touchdown. maybe when sprint and cut the capitals have lost four games in a row since -- the capitals have lost four games in a row for the first time since a couple years ago. bruce boudreau wants his team to get more physical and play the game the way it is supposed to be played. the capitals have had their best regular-season record, the best record in the nhl. bruce boudreau knows that it will be a fight every night this
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year. at that it will not be a cakewalk. every team that plays is ready for us. every team knows they'd better check this guy or that guy. we have to as individuals change a little bit of the way that we play. the new york knicks are one of the hottest teams in the nba, and they came into d.c. on a win streak. the wizards gave them all that could handle. john wall was back from his injury, but not comfortable. eight points on the night. stoudemire matched his seventh straight 30-point gain. 36 points, 11 rebounds on the night. john wall, get that out of there. the knicks win. for losses in a row for the
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capitals, 0-2 on the road for the wizards. then the redskins, 5-7, two game losing streak. four more games on the schedule. what will motivate the team the rest of the way? >> i just want to see a lot of fight these last four weeks. one play at a time, fight every play. we have to fight hard and do our jobs. it is always tough when you are going through it and learning the schemes, but you could always fight. great news, the beacon house falcons are bringing back the national championship game championship, pop warner football. they defeated the liberty city it were your 17-0 in orlando. seconds the falcons' victory. albert haynesworth's the spot on
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bracing for a storm? >> some changes on the way, winter weather advisory going to lead the fact for the area is shaded and purple. it out to the west, garrett county, allegany county. storm watch tomorrow night and monday. 100% chance of rain tomorrow across the immediate metro, could change to wet snow late in the day. behind that, cold and windy air. when i say cold, we are talking highs only in the upper 20's, low or 30's, wind gusts up to 45
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miles per hour, giving us when shall factors in the single digits or lower teens. it is the season. >> game time? >> many wares of thermal underwear and reindeer.